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Gourmet club

What is a gourmet club?

It is not a club according to the literally meaning of the world, it doesn’t have its members. It is an extra service of Třebíč catering company focused on those who appreciate meals of an excellent quality.

What is our offer?

We offer an individual approach to our customer in The Restaurant Třebíčanka, The Music club Béčko or in our customer‘s private facilities.

What do we cook?

We can prepare anything you can imagine or we can present our own suggestion of meals. Our waiters and waitresses will provide the service for you during the whole time of your stay.

What to do for it?

Just arrange any time with your friends or family and call for booking at tel. 608 887 818, where we can discuss all details personally.
We prepare mostly for you

Pork specialities
  • Including pig-feasts
Specialities of game
  • Boar’s meat prepared on rose hip sauce with Wiener dumpling
  • Roasted boar’s meat with sauerkraut and potato dumplings
  • Roe deer rump steak in a cream sauce with dumplings
  • etc...
Fish specialties

  • The whole fresh marinated baked salmon
  • Sea fruit, e.g. lobsters, calamari, seashells
  • etc...

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